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Série télé britanique : Skins

Message  Megara le Jeu 7 Jan - 0:46

Pour bien commencer cette section (que je vais adorer) je vous présente un article consacrer au vestimentaire de la saison 4 de la série.
Series 4

It's Skins 4 time, and to give us a sneaky peek as to what the characters are wearing, here's Edward K Gibbon - the Skins Costume Designer. We've also raided the continuity pics the costume team use to keep a record of what was worn by whom. So read Edward's report from the Skins 4 front line. Over to you Edward...

Well here we all are, another year on and hopefully another year wiser, but there are so many questions to answer. Fasten your seatbelt it could end up being a bumpy ride...

When we last left the gang they were heading out to the high seas and style had taken a back seat. For once they let their clothes look after them and wrapped up warm in dirty old oilskins.

So what was going to be waiting for them on dry land when they rejoined the rest of the gang, still reeling from the fallout of the anti-prom? And (more importantly) what clothes were going to be there to meet them?

The challenge for us all working on the show this year was to move the gang on and keep them one step ahead of the rest. Life changes fast when you’re seventeen and your clothes have got to be able to keep up with you.

When times get tough, the weak go shopping down the high street. But as the “grown ups” fucked up yet again and sent the world into financial meltdown, our lot had more reasons to dress up tough and stand out from the frightened herd.

So, how would they embrace the chaos and make it their own? In their own inimitable style, as usual – over the next season, watch as they each come up with an individual strategy to walk tall down the mean streets of recession Britain.

KATIE : Katie, above all, knows just how powerful clothes can be and produces her winning take on Eighties power dressing, protected by a bulletproof vest of pearls.

NOEMI : Naomi channels her inner punk and injects her noughties grunge with glamour and cheek.

PANDORA : Pandora keeps on looking for those silver linings and wears her heart on her sleeve – in fact with all those flowers and colours going on she’s all heart!

THOMAS : Thomas toughens up and takes on the big boys of club land with his old school homage to the hip-hop heroes of yesteryear.

EMILY : Emily keeps it sweet and marks the difference between her and Katie still further, her soft and sexy underwear as outerwear toughened up with brogues

JJ : JJ still holds onto his beloved colour clash, but grows up with it over the season. He’s doing it with purpose this year and when he needs to step up to the mark, his clothes are there to support him.

FREDDIE : Freddie keeps on dreaming and smoking and picking up yesterdays t-shirt off the bedroom floor. No boring politicians are going to rain on his parade.

COOK : Cook. Well, he’s Cook. He’s honed his lean, mean identity to perfection and he’s not giving it up without a fight. Even though others might try to take his look from him he’ll hold on till the bitter end.

EFFY : And Effy, bored of all the clones out there tightens up her look even further this year. She strips it down to essentials and needs only her skeleton charms to keep her safe.

Je rajouterais que l'on peut admirer cette tenue dans l'épisode 3 de la saison consacré à Cook

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